WINTER THRIFT HAUL & how i style simple cute winter outfits


WINTER THRIFT HAUL & how i style simple cute winter outfits

here’s a winter thrift haul and some outfits 🙂 you can get an EXTRA 30% off your first order with my code NINA30: (offer expires 12/31/20. applies to US & Canada customers only. see site for full terms). this video is sponsored by thredUP!

hope you enjoyed this video and found some outfit inspiration for winter or just had a good time hehe

see you next time!!

love, neen.


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this video is sponsored by thredUP!



  1. omg thank you nina i started watching this and then i had to stop and i didn’t know what to wear for church tomorrow so i decided to finish watching this before i went to bed and the last outfit sparked something and now i have the cutest outfit for tomorrow.. omg thank you 😭💛

  2. Ik this is unrelated, but where did you get your dynamite vinyl? I've been looking for ages and I haven't found any. If you or anyone knows where to get any BTS vinyls, I would really appreciate the info.

  3. I love the outfits but I could never wear them in winter because it gets so cold where i live, so I would just freeze to a ice cube 😂😅😅 But maybe for spring these would be very cute, with some warmer and brighter colors 😍😇

  4. just wanted to say that i really enjoyed the video! i haven't actually heard of thredup before, and being pre-op, it's much more comfortable for me to shop clothes online (and ofc, rn there's the pandemic, so i'm avoiding going out). really excited to try it out! ^.^


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