XRP Ripple IT'S HAPPENING!!! "The Next Epidemic!” | Bill Gates


XRP Ripple IT'S HAPPENING!!! "The Next Epidemic!” | Bill Gates

XRP Ripple IT’S HAPPENING!!! “The Next Epidemic!” | Bill Gates


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  2. Kiyosaki..ALL WRONG..Deep State/ Soros&Illuminati CONTROLS – old FED/EU/WHO/UN & ALL Central banks.. TRUMP-now controls FED/TREASURY is purposely COLLAPSING EVERYTHING.. to lock up the criminals.. Bank corruption is & Billion/year business.. that we pay for in hidden higher fees & taxes

  3. Gates is a globalist evil. Follow the money fauci,gates obama. Fauci was told by america to stop fucking around with flues. Instead he took it to china. This eas ket out on purpose and it will be done on purpose again to make gates billions of dollars in vaccines and tracking systems injected into you. Fuck gates fuck fauci. They are the cause of it all and of course they have the solution

  4. You know he’s telling the truth because his reputation counts on it he got famous from this he wrote books about this its the next big wave and Robert Kiyosaki has to hop on. After its all done he will make millions and then write another book about it and make some more millions

  5. Bill Gates and his super wealthy Legion of Doom at the IMF and WEF are sociopaths. This is a power grab. There is no Trump vaccine, after November I'm betting he's going to curb stomp these globalists. More Biden corruption is coming. The entire corrupt Obama administration is going to pay. Justice is coming on the wings of a falcon…….If your in the know. Big moves are coming.And btw these scumbags tried the same plandemic back in 2010, it went down like a lead balloon. This time they went all in. They are completely exposed now. Google just tried to scub a Forbes article on the whole saga you can still find it.MAGA is Bullish as hell, the compete act is coming Trump is no fool.

  6. All man made. Theses ppl are PSYCHOPATHS. #PLANDEMIC. Go to •brand new tube” lots of real information, by real doctors and scientists. VACCINES WILL KILL MORE PPL THAN A “VIRUS” DON’t trust this sick nasty man!!!

  7. People are a huge liability to the elites. They do not need us anymore. They are talking about putting all of us on UBI. Better known as welfare. But how long will they keep 8 billion people around if all we are doing is sitting on our butts doing nothing? Not long in a world run by eugenisists.

  8. is BG a genius or a person in the know? hmmm i dunno, but this talk did sprouted alot of conspiracy theories on him and his foundation. vaccines with microchips and stuff….

  9. Check out ID 2020, patent 060606 and connection w/ Accenture and Ripple/XRP – Problem/Reaction/Solution formula used over and over by banking and corporate control freaks. They create the problem, use the media to control the reaction, and profit from the solution, which also usually involves a grab on our liberties. Why don’t people question Gates as an expert? He has the same degree as me… zero. PS, Fauci on the board of Gates foundation -stands to makes hundreds of millions w this plannedemic


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